welcome to my web site

c m donovann

yes, i made a neocities site. i just like shitty web design, okay? if you find any ugly gifs, please send them to me so i can put them here, i'm starting a collection :3


i'm cmdonovann. charles if you are a stranger, chuck if you really wanna get on my good side. i do art. i like ugly websites, as you can clearly see. i also write sometimes. i am a man of many talents.


why did you make this website?
idk, why do i do anything? cuz i was bored and it seemed fun.

what are your interests?
*cracks knuckles* well, i spend too much time on the internet, mostly, but besides that my main interests are Quantum Break (2016) from Finnish AAA video game company Remedy Entertainment, rock collecting, dungeons and dragons, and drawing boys kissing. any other interests have a 70% chance of being fleeting, as is the nature of my brain. i have about five hundred unfinished projects on my desk at any given time.

so what's on this website?
mostly art. that's the vast majority of what i do. social media is a fleeting way to experience art anyway, so i thought it might be nice to put it all in one place. sort of like a portfolio, but tackier. i am also planning on adding writing to this site, eventually, but god knows when that will happen.


ko-fi or my ko-fi shop
gumroad (zines)
itch.io (also zines)
ao3 (fanfiction)
contact me (email)

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