yes, i'm one of those queers who likes and makes zines. all of my zines can be purchased on itch.io. here are some highlights:

ciphers zine

pretty much what it says on the tin. i fucking love ciphers so i made a zine about different types of ciphers. can be found here on itch.io.

cutpaste poetry and art zines

i've made a hell of a lot of these, frankly because they are just fun to make. most of them are about being trans, lol. they can be found on itch.io.

"summer love" mini zine

this one is tiny and i love it so much. it's just drawings of my ocs being gay. it is available digitally on itch.io here and i may print more in the future if people want them ;).

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this page was last updated october 29th of 2022.