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under construction! come back later ;3c (winky catface emoticon aside, i think you can expect to see some actual essays being posted here in early 2022. i've got a handful i'm actively working on right now and another handful of ideas that i want to write about soon.)


currently, most of my published fanfiction can be found at the archive of our own, but i might start putting some of it here in the future, just in case. not that i don't love ao3! but You Never Know. always good to have multiple copies of things.

fan meta/analysis

i... actually write a lot of this sort of thing, but most of it ends up in threads on my personal twitter, or it just gets dumped into friends' discord dms or my phone notes and never sees the light of day. i wanna change that lol i think i'm gonna start actually posting that shit. stay tuned for my ted talk about dirk strider, i guess

original fiction

also under construction! it'll probably be a while before any of my original stuff is ready to be public, lol

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this page was last updated october 29th of 2022.