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Terms of Service

The following are my Terms of Service for commissioned artwork. If this page does not cover your use case or if you have further questions, please contact me for more details at

I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.


When purchasing a commission you will receive a digital full resolution version of the artwork once it is completed. I can provide your commission in PNG, JPG/JPEG, or TIF format. PNG is the default format that I send, please specify if you want something else.

I can also provide the PSD file of the artwork if you would like it, but with the understanding that you will not use this to remove my signature from the work or edit it in a way that would remove my credit or misrepresent my work. Providing PSD files is reserved for educational purposes, such as if you are also an artist and would like the PSD to see how I do my work, or for professional reasons, such as if you are creating a larger piece and need to work with another artist who requires the source PSD file.


You are paying for a service. You pay me to create artwork, but the copyright of the artwork remains mine.

This means that you are only allowed to use the artwork for non-commercial use unless otherwise discussed. You may not make prints or other merchandise of the artwork to sell it yourself, unless we have discussed this and the commission is billed at my commercial rate.

I may use the artwork for portfolios or prints unless requested otherwise by the commissioner. The commissioner may repost the commission to their personal accounts as long as I am credited as the creator.


My commission prices vary based on complexity of the requested artwork. For a quote or estimate, please contact me via email.

If my time spent on your commission runs longer than what was paid for in the initial amount due to my own error in estimation, I will not charge for this additional time. However, if your commission runs over its initial estimate due to repeated requests for edits, I reserve the right to charge for additional hours spent on these edits (see "Edits," below).


I will show you the initial sketch (or sketches) prior to finishing the artwork so that edits can be made at this stage. I will send the sketches to the email that was used to contact me for the commission, so please specify if you would like them sent to a different email.

I can also send check-ins at further stages of work, such as when flat colors are done, but I do not always do this by default, so please request it if you want to see the flat colors before the work is finished.

Once the drawing is done you may request 1-2 more rounds of small edits and adjustments if needed. If more than 2 rounds of edits are required, or if excessively complex edits are required, an hourly fee will be charged for additional time spent on the work.

You or anyone else may not edit my artwork or add watermarks unless I have given you written permission for it.


You may request a deadline, as long as I have agreed to it.

I will do my best to update you if something delays progress on your commission. If you have not been updated on commission progress for more than a week, please feel free to email me to check in.


Payment is done via Paypal invoice and the payment will be up front. I will usually not start working until after I have received the payment. However, if you would like to discuss a payment plan, let me know and I may be able to accomodate you. In the past I have done commissions with a 50% down payment with the remainder paid after the sketch is finalized, and I am open to other arrangements, especially if you are commissioning more than one piece of art at a time.


After the initial sketch has been completed, I am unable to refund you because of the time already spent on your piece.


By purchasing a commission from me, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms of service. If you have any questions regarding the terms of service outlined here, please contact me to clarify before commissioning me.


If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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this page was last updated october 29th of 2022.