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i feel like this was kind of inevitable, given how much i love making playlists and mixtapes and shit. i lost access to my old 8tracks account a while ago*, so although my old fanmixes are still up there, i can't edit or post more, so i figured i may as well start putting them up here, too. i'll work on transferring over my favorite of the old ones, and probably will post some new ones as well. i make a LOT of playlists, lol.

*EDIT: I FOUND THE PASSWORD FOR IT LOL im still gonna keep putting my playlists here though, im having too much fun with this.

the embedded playlists and music player (from wikplayer) on each of these pages use a script to pull the audio from the linked youtube videos and play only the audio. this sometimes ends up playing the audio from any ads on the youtube video, too. as such, i recommend using an adblocker when you listen to these to prevent ad audio showing up in the playlist. my personal recommendation (i use firefox, usually) is ublock origin, but anything that blocks youtube ads will work.

fandom playlists:


// F R A C T U R E //

let's save the fucking world

a friend / an old enemy

a million reasons (can i be your number one?)

lift up your eyes, child, you are home (original lnehh playlist)

i will pay beth wilder $20 to kick my ass

if you've got something to hide



davekat playlist

personal playlists:

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