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self portraits

original characters

"a star in the morning sky"

originally referred to with the main character's name, atlas, as its working title, "a star in the morning sky" (name blatantly stolen from a track on the fire emblem: three houses soundtrack) is a fantasy story i have been working on occasionally for a few years. (by "occasionally" i mean i've done about five or six rewrites of the first few chapters and never gotten much further than that... overall i've probably written about 60,000 words for it, but most of them have been scrapped over time.)

atlas himself was originally a dnd character that i got too attached too (lawful evil clerics my beloved) so he ended up becoing an oc that i draw whenever i want to do something particularly visually dramatic and can't think of a fandom blorbo to use. the other two characters i've drawn from this story, laika and simon, are... i suppose school friends of his, but they're really more like pseudo-siblings with some weird interpersonal rivalries and psychosexual tension and all that fun teenage bullshit. i tend to draw them all older (i particularly like drawing atlas looking old and tired) but the story actually takes place over the course of their teenage years and young adulthood.

"the death of me"

ahaha, so this one was actually originally a quantum break au. but then it got so far from its original source that i just made them into ocs. you can kind of see the roots of jack and paul in max and august, though, if you know quantum break well enough.

anyway, "the death of me" is, again, shamelessly title-ripped from a song (this time by marianas trench), and it's primarily following max carter as he returns to his hometown for the first time in several years after getting a worrying email from august shepherd, once his best friend, now a sort of ex-friend/ex-crush who he doesn't speak to much. i don't want to reveal too much about the story, as i think i am likely to actually finish this one someday, so for now you can just look at my art of them :3

other ocs

cyrus is actually from the same story as max and august, but i've been considering writing something else about him because i got too attached. we'll see if i ever have time for that though XD

pixel is... actually my oldest surviving oc? i've been drawing her on and off since i was like, probably 16 or 17. so obviously she's been through a couple of iterations, and likely will go through a few more. i think she used to be a vampire? or possibly an alien? or both? i don't remember. she's currently uhhhh... let's call her "human-adjacent," but that's mostly because i haven't decided what to do with her other than occasionally rotate her in my brain like she's in a microwave XD


a location from a campaign i played in

the final boss of a campaign i recently finished DMing for, titled "bloodlines." everything from this campaign was homebrew, and i will probably upload my DM notes to this site once I have edited and cleaned them up!

a character i briefly played, a tabaxi storm cleric and bard named october

one of my new characters, an orc tattoo artist wizard named eko

furry art

i should probably just make a new page for this stuff, since i've been doing a lot of it lately, but i'm doing this site update the night before moving house, so it can wait, lmao. if you wanna check out more of my furry art, i'm on furaffinity here. quite a bit of my furry art is just, uh, my skyrim khajiit characters. i love the khajiit, lol. not sorry.


a study of a photo by todd hido

tattoo designs

based on a lyric from crywolf

based on a line from re-animator


i don't do comics that often but when i do, they are bullshit like this

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