why did you make this website?

idk, why do i do anything? cuz i was bored and it seemed fun. also, i like to practice coding and such, and a simple html/css site like this is good for that!

what do you do for a living?

well currently i don't have a day job, so i take commissions for art as often as i can, and i have a shop on kofi where i sell random stuff that i make, such as jewelry and hand-bound hardcover books and journals. obviously this is not a full-time "real job" kinda deal though, so if you're looking to hire an artist or illustrator, feel free to contact me via email.

what are your interests?

*cracks knuckles* well, my main interests are Quantum Break (2016) from Finnish video game company Remedy Entertainment, rock collecting, dungeons and dragons, bookbinding, and drawing boys kissing. any other interests have a 70% chance of being fleeting, as is the nature of my brain. i have about five hundred unfinished projects on my desk at any given time. in winter of 2021 i got really into homestuck, so there's been quite a bit of new fanart for that. (it has its own page now, lol.)

other things that i am generally interested in but which don't take up the vast majority of my brainpower include ARGs, Latin, conlangs, cat biology, star trek, skyrim, and of course coding and web history.

so what's on this website?

mostly art. that's the vast majority of what i do. social media is a fleeting way to experience art anyway, so i thought it might be nice to put it all in one place. sort of like a portfolio, but tackier.

i am also planning on adding writing to this site, and have set up a directory for it, but have not yet put up any actual writing. i keep meaning to finish a bunch of essays to put on this site and then getting distracted by other ideas, unfortunately, so if you really want me to finish them, email me to bother me and hopefully i'll remember.

i've also started putting some of my playlists up here, since i enjoy making them, so those can be found here. some are imported from 8tracks, but i'll be adding new ones over time as i make them, mainly my OC playlists and writing playlists.

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this page was last updated may 2nd of 2023.