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personal art >>

this is where i put stuff like original characters, self portraits, studies, and that sort of thing.

quantum break fanart >>

quantum break my beloved *strokes cover of zero state lovingly* most of this art is kinda old so dont judge me lol. i am doing more tho. i am always doing more. quantum break is my one true love. dont worry about it

homestuck fanart >>

yeah yeah yeah yeah listen i dont have anything to say for myself here i just got really into homestuck in the tail end of 2021. we've all been through some shit okay gimme a break

other fanart >>

this is all the rest of the fanart that i cant justify making its own page for either because i dont have enough per category or because its just not the Most Important to me. (im kidding. edgeworth, ilu)

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this page was last updated october 29th of 2022.