c m donovann


i'm cmdonovann. charles if you are a stranger, chuck if you really wanna get on my good side, charlie if you're my husband or if you've known me since, like, 2016. i do art. i like simple, somewhat ugly websites, as you can clearly see. i also write sometimes. i am a man of many talents.

so who am i? what am i? what's this all about? how did we get here?

i'm an artist in my late 20s (as of writing this in 2022) and i live in the midwest USA. i'm a dude, but only recreationally. i am the first and possibly the only man to accidentally swallow an agate. i may or may not be related to members of the italian mob. mentally, emotionally, and spiritually i am indistinguishable from a very fat and fluffy cat housecat. i am a raging queer, a lapsed catholic, generally a bit unhinged and odd, and i will never die.

you can see my FAQ for some more information about what i do, my interests, the contents of this website, etc.

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this page was last updated october 29th of 2022.